The Root Center

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Our Mission

The Root Center is dedicated to the easement of the basic stressors of human life (providing food, water, shelter, energy and community) through the intelligent application of simple technologies, thereby building a cornerstone for a worldwide network of abundance to give every human being the time and dignity to lead fulfilling lives and elevate the quality of life for all.


We will integrate nature and technology, traditional and modern. In this process we will enable profound community development through a strong foundation of the basic infrastructure of community living. Community centers will be established to provide the tools and resources to explore humanity's creative potential.



    The Root Center was formed as a non-profit corporation in August, 2009.  In 2010 we grew 3,000 pounds of produce for the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, on 1/10 of an acre of gardens, in yard space donated by local citizens.  We also held (and continue to  host) fundraising events to bring the community together in our efforts to end hunger in Vermont and beyond.  This year we've partnered with the National Gardening Association and will grow over 25,000 pounds of produce for local food banks on 1/2 acre (at the NGA's Vermont Garden Park in South Burlington, VT).  We will construct (when funding allows) a 45-foot  dome greenhouse to host an aquaponics system that will generate many tons of fresh produce year-round for the hungry, with the only energy needed supplied by a vertical axis wind turbine art sculpture.

    This project began as an ongoing series of conversations between friends who were concerned with the direction our world seemed to be heading in.  Over time the scope of that conversation grew to involve many others and the focus turned toward solutions, rather than worry.  Since that point our growth as an organization has been dramatic and we are implementing our growing, shared vision more and more each day.

    The team consists of the board of directors of our non-profit corporation, The Root Center. Our board members bring together years of experience related to the non-profit sector, community organizing, fundraising, engineering, marketing, media systems, information technology, agriculture, event planning, renewable energy systems, sustainable design, landscape design, education and cooperative management. Our strength as a team is due to the fact that we all come from very different backgrounds and reinforce each others' unique and diverse skill sets.  Our unpaid staff (consisting of board members) has been assisted along the way by a growing network of volunteers from the community.

    Over the past four years of researching the project we have been impressed with how dynamically and organically the vision has presented itself within our collective sphere of consciousness. We believe this is due to our diverse interests interacting with the vision as puzzle pieces forming a larger picture.

    As new supporters join the organization we plan to continue this process to maximize the efficiency of each members’ contribution as equals in an unfolding, shared, experiment that is larger than the sum of its parts. With each individual able to maximize their own potential by exercising their talents in self-designed projects, we believe we will be far more successful, per capita, than traditional work environments, and hope you will join us in creating a shared future we can all be proud of.  As of April 2011, The Root Center is now a 501(c)(3) Public Charity!  All donations made to our organization are now tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.