The Root Center

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Our Mission

The Root Center is dedicated to the easement of the basic stressors of human life (providing food, water, shelter, energy and community) through the intelligent application of simple technologies, thereby building a cornerstone for a worldwide network of abundance to give every human being the time and dignity to lead fulfilling lives and elevate the quality of life for all.


We will integrate nature and technology, traditional and modern. In this process we will enable profound community development through a strong foundation of the basic infrastructure of community living. Community centers will be established to provide the tools and resources to explore humanity's creative potential.


Service Psychographics

One of the most typical profiles of families interested in the services The Root Center can provide can be described by the following:

1.  At least one parent/guardian works full-time.
2. The average family size is five, with three or four children.
3. The family has made contact with one or more social service agency or program in the last 12 months.
4. The families are most receptive to receiving food assistance through social service programs that are working with the families in other concerns.

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